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Our history

Outdoor Film Festival (OFF) is a project born from an idea of Giuliano Squitieri: to make young people, unfortunately always on the run, experience their country to the fullest and under new aspects.

It all began on December 27, 2019, when she decided to talk about her idea to her sister, Miriana Squitieri, and her cousin, Maddalena Squitieri, who, after their initial amazement and disbelief, began to believe in the project, giving them trust and collaborating with him to find new ideas for the realization of this new Festival.

Unfortunately, the initial happiness is dampened by the pandemic, we no longer talk about the project because it seems even more difficult to achieve with the advent of Covid-19, but the idea still does not fade in their heads.

Only in September 2021, when Giuliano decides to go to study in England, in a new country, far from his homeland, does he understand that he has to make sure that other young people like him do not run away from their homeland - San Valentino Torio - but rather have the opportunity to bring it closer to their interests.

One night, caught up in thoughts of him, he talks about the project to a friend of his, Carmen Fabbrocile and she, without hesitation, accepts this proposal as if it were a mission to complete.

It is from that moment that the idea begins to take shape: the four decide to found a cultural recreational association called "sOFFermiamoci", which aims to organize initiatives for the rebirth of the town, but mainly to create one of the first outdoor film festival in Italy: OFF.

In May 2022, the work for the organization of the Outdoor Film Festival will begin in all respects, which will take place in San Valentino Torio and will inaugurate the first edition in June 2023.

OFF: we need a new dream to dream together.

Chi siamo: Testo

The organisation

Soffermiamoci ETS is a non-profit cultural recreational association that lays its foundations on culture in all its forms, in particular those concerning the art of cinema and entertainment. Soffermiamoci ETS is a team made up of determined and persevering passionate volunteers who, with stubbornness, have made a valid and resistant project out of a dream, from the spirit of initiative and obstinacy.

Soffermiamoci was born at the end of 2021 and officially presents itself with "In the villa in the moonlight", an event that took place on 23 July 2022 in the municipal villa of San Valentino Torio. In full line with our values, the evening was dedicated to art, cinema, the diffusion of culture, and no one could have manifested the fulcrum of Soffermiamoci better than maestro Enrico Vanzina. Director, screenwriter, film producer and in recent years also a writer, Vanzina has "baptized" the association by enlightening the public with the presentation of his "Diario Diurno", and with the most significant anecdotes of a life dedicated to art like his.

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Our values

The essential value that supports our commitment and the life of the Festival is CREATIVITY - getting out of the routine and embracing innovation, so to think outside the box. Cultural dissemination is another of our prerogatives since it takes possession of one's personality and helps to understand one's function in life. In a peasant context where culture is not the fulcrum of life, Outdoor Film Festival will be: TO THINK, TO BELIEVE, TO DREAM and TO DARE.

The mission

The mission of Outdoor Film Festival is to bring young people closer, to experience their country through cinema, their passions and their talents. An experience that does not end with the 4 days of the Film Festival but goes beyond.

• To give everyone the opportunity to develop the experience and knowledge and be able to use it for life, through the viewing of significant films, master classes, and meetings with guests and experts.

• Debate on important issues by creating opportunities for discussion, exchange of experiences and training in the cinematographic field.

• To give the space to independent filmmakers and give voice to their topics, kickstarting their careers.

• To disseminate culture in all its forms through cinema by presenting new and surprising films, and give the public the opportunity to interact with the directors and actors in an open space context, differently from the usual.

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